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Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

While it is not recommended, students can bring their own laptop, it is made clear that compatibility cannot be guaranteed and that those laptops are NOT supported and serviced by the school.

Please note that only laptops that meet the minimum hardware, software and general requirements as set out below will be allowed in the laptop program.
For 2017-18, in those year levels where laptops are compulsory, the minimum specifications for a windows device* are as follows;

Hardware – Minimum Requirements

  1. Pentium i5, Intel Core M processor
  2. 8 GB RAM
  3. 256 GB of storage space or moe
  4. 12” screen or similar (Hybrid Ulrabook)
  5. Dual Band Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  6. Minimum two cell battery with at least up to 10 hours charge.
  7. (HIGHLY Recommended) Touch screen and stylus.

*         The same or similar specifications are required for Mac devices.

Software – Minimum Requirements

  1. Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Operating System
  2. All program updates and virus definitions available through Windows Updates are installed.
  3. You have downloaded and installed the Microsoft Office suite and OneDrive.
  4. Your OneDrive has been synchronised.
  5. Music students have downloaded and installed Sibelius* ($100.00 for a subscription)
  6. Art, photography, graphics, design Technology and ICT students have downloaded and installed Adobe Cloud ($33.00 for a year’s subscription)
  • The cost of an upgrade from home to pro is (at the time of writing this) $99.00
  • The cost of a full version is $349.00
  • Please note that due to the operating system Macs are not compatible with the Windows environment at Pinehurst School and Mac laptops need to be able to dual boot into Windows 10 Professional.

*        The Sibelius software needs to be installed by the user. Activation of the software needs to be arranged at school. The license cost will be charged to the user’s school account.

Before bringing a device to school please make sure that:

  1. The Operating System and all software is in English.
  2. You know your username and password for your device and your Mac security username and password as connecting to a Wireless network or the installation of software will require this information.
  3. All the equipment (Device, charger and bag) is labelled with the name of the student


Those students that have a laptop that complies with the minimum standards as set out above and want to use it in the laptop program need to see the ICT help desk to have their device connected to the Pinehurst network and secure wireless.

Dates and times for the configuration of non-SNAP devices for 2017/18 are as follows:

During TERM 4 – 2017     

Prior to TERM 1 - 2017


A fee of $50 will be charged for the network configuration of all non-SNAP computers. Future configuration of the computer (including non-SNAP replacement) is also chargeable.


Benefits of Using a Snap Computer Include

  1. Access to the most suitable computer for the Pinehurst learning environment and best value proposition
  2. SNAP computers are designed for mobility and are appropriate for the level of use by students at Pinehurst School. Toshiba SNAP Case is bundled to minimise potential damage
  3. Support for SNAP Computers at Pinehurst School includes:
  • Preparing the machine prior to delivery
  • Training on the use of the machine
  • Connecting the machine to the Wireless Local Area Network and a variety of network services
  •  Ongoing support for both software and hardware issues
  1. All general system and curriculum software is included in the computer image
  2. All updates to general system and curriculum software is included for 3 years
  3. All general system and curriculum software is ready for use on delivery and systems can be reloaded quickly and efficiently where necessary
  4. Downtime and interruptions to a student’s learning is minimised.
  5. Loan computers are available to students when service is required on their computer
  6. Access to Toshiba ExtraGuard 3-year computer cover for accidental damage
  7. Claims are processed by the school ICT department on behalf of the parents and students
  8. All computers have a 3-year hardware warranty. Warranty claims are processed at the school ICT department on behalf of the parents and students.
  9. Again, there is no charge for any of the above services for the life (3 years) of the computer.
  10. Please note: The Pinehurst SNAP 2017/18 computer will be re imaged with Windows 10 Enterprise for education to give users the edge in mobility, touch and digitizer experience, as well as the full functionality of the laptop computer.

 Drawbacks of Using a Non-Snap Computer Include

  1. There is no image held for non-SNAP computers, therefore the school is not able to provide software and hardware support
  2. Accidental cover and warranty claims will be the owner’s responsibility
  3. It is the owner’s responsibility to secure comprehensive cover for loss and accidental damage. Parents will need to ensure a quick turnaround for repair or replacement, so that their child’s learning is not affected
  4. Supply of a replacement computer will be owner’s responsibility while the computer is under repair. In the event of a machine failure, the owner is required to source a replacement machine to ensure that the child is not without a computer in class. In the event that a loan machine is required from the school and is available, there will be a charge for the use of the loan machine for a fixed period.
  5. Potential software and hardware incompatibility
  6. Please note that the Operating System supported at Pinehurst is Windows 10 Professional. Not all computers, especially ones supplied through retail will come equipped with this operating system.

Please note that there is a service charge to configure a non-SNAP computer.
Future configuration of the computer (including non-SNAP replacement) is also chargeable.