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Q. What does the Extraguard Assured Service cover?
Wear and tear that directly effects the operating system; Accidental damage (but not theft and loss); Liquid spills (but not complete immersion).  As students are very mobile computer users, accidental damage cover is paramount.


Q. Is there an excess to Extraguard Assured Service claims?
Yes, $100 per claim.


Q. What is the warranty period for the computer?
3 years.


Q. What about access to parts after the three year warranty period?
Toshiba is committed to supply parts for 5 years.


Q. What is the warranty period for the computer batteries?
3 years.


Q. How often are computers used at Pinehurst School?
On average 40-60% of the time. This is also dependent on subject. The computer is not used all the time, as a good balance is kept and technology is used when and where most appropriate, for teaching and learning.


Q. Do we need broadband Internet access at home?
Broadband internet is required, as there will be a need to access online training courses to prepare for the start at Pinehurst School. There will also be an on-going need to access curriculum resources at school from home.


Q. What software is included on the computer?
The school supplies all general systems and curriculum software. As ICT is integrated right across the curriculum, software right across subject areas is made available to students. Microsoft Office suite is one of the many tools available to the students.


Q. Do parents need to buy additional software for their children?
For parents purchasing a SNAP laptop, additional software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Sibelius are included in the package if the student takes subjects requiring this software. 

 Q. What is the lead time to receiving a SNAP device from placing an order.

5-7 days, laptops are delivered to the school in order to be prepared before being handed over to the student

Q. When we receive the computer, is it all set up and ready to use? Do we need to set anything up?
Pinehurst School prepares each computer prior to delivery. It will have all the software loaded onto it and will be connected to the school wireless network. The only set up required will be to connect to your home network.


Q. How will the computer be set up for the user?
Windows 10 Professional operating system will be configured to optimise performance and battery life. All curriculum and productivity software will be pre-loaded, computer will be configured to access the Pinehurst network and resources with the flexibility to be used as a personal tool.


Q. Why a Toshiba device?
Firstly because of the Easyguard features. Secondly, Toshiba is a well tried and trusted brand with proven products that will stand up in an educational environment. In addition to this, their after sale service and support is critical to the success of our laptop programme.


Q. Why does the device not come with an optical drive, and what are the options if I want to purchase one.
Newer laptop devices are not equipped with optical drives because there is very little need to access CDs/DVDs.  At Pinehurst School the optical drives are no longer required for curriculum purposes. External optical drives options are available through supplier or retailers. 


Q. Why does the device so few ports.
All newer model laptops are reducing the number of ports for reasons of portability. USB –c is the new USB 3.1, which is theoretically twice as fast as USB 3.0. It's fully compatible with USB 3.0. The USB-C connector supports HDMI, power, USB, and VGA.


Q. Why the SNAP device?
This is the best offering in the market. The 5 key metrics used to select a suitable machine are: Weight, robustness, battery life, support and price (value for money).


Q. What does the SNAP Bundle include?
The bundle includes Toshiba Portege Convertible tablet computer, ExtraGuard Assurance and Toshiba approved carry Case. Refer to order form.


Q. Why is the Toshiba SNAP Case bundled with the computer?
The Toshiba case supplied with the computers is Assurance pre-approved. These are bundled at a very good price and designed to provide the best level of protection for the computer. 


 Q. Why is Extraguard Assured Service bundled with the computer?
The SNAP Extraguard Assured Service is the best value proposition and all SNAP computers used at Pinehurst School require Extraguard Assured Service cover for accidental damage. All SNAP Extraguard Assured Service are processed at the school with minimal interuption to the child's learning


Q. Is it possible to purchase the computer through finance, then decide to purchase it outright at a later date?
No. If the computer is purchased through finance, it is not possible to purchase it outright at a later date. The finance terms continue throughout the period selected at the time of order (36 months). Penalties for contract termination applies (parent can buy out the contract).


Q. Will I receive confirmation once I have placed an order?
If an order is placed online, an email confirmation will be sent.  If an order form is completed and returned to the school, a Lexel Customer Service Representative will process the order and a receipt will be emailed to parent concerned.


Q. Who should we contact if we have further questions re. SNAP order?
Lexel, Pinehurst School's reseller of choice, has a customer hotline (Tel: 09 913 7884). Their Customer Services Representative will be able to answer your questions on behalf of the school. 


Q. What can a student use while their computer is being repaired?

Pinehurst School ICT Services have a number of swap-out computers that they can lend students while their computer is being repaired. Swap outs are provided at no charge to SNAP users.


Q. After finishing at Pinehurst School, can students come back to Pinehurst School for hardware support?

Q. Can I extend my three year warranty to a four year warranty?
The three year manufacturers (Toshiba) warranty can be extended for a year at cost. However, it is not possible to extend the Extraguard Assured Service cover. Users need to be aware that while all other services still apply, the user is responsible for the cost of repair in case of accidental damage and the cost of a loan device.